Budd built two series of "L" cars for the Chicago Transit Authority, the 2200 series (1969–1970). It was not long until Budd began losing business and losing money. and the 2600 series (1981–1987). The buildings are currently listed for sale for an undisclosed price and have been for several years now. Robert I have been researching Budd for more than 5 years now and would like to talk to you about your photos and Budd documents. Budd would remain an automotive company, but the slowdown in production inspired company brass to look into further diversifying, something that they had slowly been moving towards for the past few years. They were training about 50 skilled tradesmen a year then. I understand he went with other Company officials to Wall Street when the Co. had it’s initial stock offering. Thought I would include this story, which happened approximately 1970. This growth would continue throughout the 1920s. In 1988, an ambitious new expansion and management program was implemented in order to help keep the aging facility viable. As I think of it…my Grandfather Herbert Gomeringer got my father the job at Budd all those years ago. When November 11, 1918 came and the war ended it was only another few weeks before the company had transitioned back to peacetime production just as smoothly as it had transitioned into wartime. I am reminded of the many hours spent working there.The Budd Co. is still a large family. Local ID #: 007-P-4939B The Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company and its subsidiary Budd Wheel Company merged to form the Budd Company on June 11, 1946. Serial Number: 6121. With the two Hi-Level prototypes in service proving to not only meet the needs of line but also being popular with passengers, the Santa Fe again approached Budd with the idea of building additional two-level cars. As romantic as it may sound to list all of Budd's railcar achievements as having been built in this one location and delivered on this VERY track spur, I don't believe there is credible evidence of ANY Budd trains being built at Red Lion before the war. The building was again open business and not in a good way. I will be in Detroit the first week of Sept for research. Edward G. Budd provides a very powerful role model and example of how to persevere, attain success, and provide for employees. I also have a collection of photographs I took when working. My best friend’s (when I was a youngster in North Philly) dad worked at Budd, he was a machine mechanic and a very good one evidently, got quite a few promotions. Since the Budd closure there has been significant progress made on the property and several areas of the old plant have seen development and rehabilitation. A foreign company which will set up shop and then close when they receive no further orders? The National Railroad Museum at Entroncamento, Portugal, features a pair of Budd cars built in 1940. After endless sleepless nights Ledwinka decided that they could not continue with this nightmare. [18], The stainless steel construction process for the BB-1 was patented in 1942. I Tried To Sell Fake Dior Jordan 1s At Sneaker Stores - Duration: 22:52. Wooden cars would splinter and break apart, with rear cars often shattering those ahead of them creating a mangled wreckage that often caught fire to the detriment of any passenger unlucky enough to survive the initial crash. My father started working there the year I was born 1954 as a tool and die maker Class A and remain there until his retirement in 1991. Following discussions which began in 1913, the brothers purchased from Budd 70,000 all-steel open touring bodies in 1916. By the end of 1914, they had signed a contract for 5,000 new car bodies and fenders to go with them and agreed to pay up to $25,000 for tooling costs. But the company’s largest success in product diversification was the expansion into railcar building, and it was in this field where Budd would gain most of his enduring notoriety. The order for additional cars was placed in March 1955 for 10 68-seat step-down coaches (delivered between December 1955 and January 1956 and numbered 528 to 537), 25 72-seat Hi-Level coaches (delivered between January and April 1956 numbered 700 to 724), six 60-seat bar/lounge/news-stand coaches with 26-seat lower-level lounges (delivered between May and June 1956), and six 80-seat dining cars (delivered between June and August 1956 numbered 650 to 655). At the time, like train cars, automobile bodies were composites of wood, steel, and leather, mounted on a chassis. Kind Regards, A view from atop railcars on the trackage along Crowell Street, 1925. In 1957, Canadian Car & Foundry Company of Montreal was licensed to build RDCs in Canada for Canadian buyers. Tags:    Automobile History historic manufacturing Hunting Park industrial history neighborhood history North Philadelphia railroad history Workshop of the World. The name “Budd” on the other hand is not so familiar. Only a few hundred were made.

Used condition with a few marks. The Metroliners have been either retired, rebuilt into coaches without the cabs, or de-powered and used as cab cars. Thanks from another Delco inhabitant for this fascinating article. Worldwide sales, engineering innovations, and plants in at least 5 other cities. He always spoke highly of Budd. I would look forward to hearing from anybody that can give me details about its layout. In his new position Budd was tasked with designing new railroad furniture and retooling their factory to manufacture it, a task he accomplished rapidly. The company he left would be lost to a series of mergers and gone in under 20 years. When the corporate offices moved from the Philadelphia Plant to Troy, MI I was transferred to the Philadelphia Plant and made part of the move to Troy. On April 25, 1978, after a vote by Budd’s shareholders Thyssen bought the controlling interest in the company. Thank you for the research on Budd Company. It was in this endeavor to build stainless steel railcars that he developed the “shotweld” process, a method a welding that precisely controls the amount of current applied to the metal, allowing the weld to be made without weakening the adjoining steel. The scarcity of aluminum prompted the U.S. War Department to reach out to Budd to develop a stainless steel transport aircraft and even built a new facility in Northeast Philadelphia to be operated on contract by Budd. His first major supporters were the Dodge brothers. The Budd Company also created the first "safety" two-piece truck wheel, used extensively in World War II, and also built truck cargo bodies for the US military. My Dad who was black worked at the Budd Company, the Red Lion plant as a welder. Some rail enthusiasts nicknamed the cars "Almond Joys" because the four hump-shaped ventilators on the roof evoked the candy bar's shape. Since Budd’s operations records are these days nowhere to be found, it’s been hard coming up with much information about the Red Lion plant. Budd developed another generation of cars for Santa Fe in five different configurations: step-down coaches like the two prototype cars, convertible coaches which could have one end of the car converted from the high level on both ends to a step-down car as needed, coaches with both ends of the car having the end door at the upper level's height to provide access to adjoining passenger cars, and dining and lounge cars (with kitchens on the lower level) with partially glassed-in rooves similar to the Big Dome lounge cars that were also built by Budd and delivered around the time the prototype Hi-Level cars were built. The Crossroads Archives: For nearly a century, the Budd Plant in North Philadelphia stood as a beacon of Philly's manufacturing power. In this case, the King went all out for his self-propelled baby with Paris-designed interiors. The company thrived as the area around it was experiencing a push for residential development and neighborhoods began to pop up around the site. Drove through Red Lion, PA last year while following the ghost of the Ma & Pa. From time-to-time, I would work in both the auto and rail divisions of Budd. It was the first built with a stainless steel structure. 398 RDCs would be built between 1949 and 1962 and many remain in revenue service with railroads to this day. Soon, my mom stopped being a stay at home mom and began working at Film Corporation which I think was on Allegheny Avenue. The two largest redevelopments to date were by the Salvation Army and Temple University. The M-3 aka “Almond Joy” cars became the first stainless steel subway cars produced in the United States. However, the company Budd was about to begin would become renowned for its products and applauded for its innovation in the same amount time. CTA 3200 was the last of 600 cars built for the Chicago El during the 1980's. Placing of a sedan body on a conveyor, 1924. Thanks! Beautifully made large antique style badge with a raised Crest of the State of Pennsylvania in the cent...from 1101864268 270 M-3 cars were jointly owned by the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Transportation Company (now Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority). Safety Negative - Bank - Aerial Views Of Budd Co. (Red Lion Plant) for First National Bank of Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia, PA - April 6, 1951 Date: 1951 Object Name: Negative, Film Accession number: NCR.1998.0796 Subjects: Factory Aerial view Photographer My grand father and father worked for Budd. Hale & Kilburn moved into their new facility in 1905. Although these unconventional cars were ultimately unsuccessful, the innovative aerodynamic design of the pointed “Windbreaker” gasoline-powered railroad cars would have a lasting impact on Budd. I believe she The Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company was a major manufacturer of railroad cars. I worked there from 1975 to 1977 is a die Setter at heavy equipment operator. Budd and his top engineers all had a background with some railcar design while working with Hale & Kilburn. These new cars were noted as being only 10 percent heavier than existing wooden cars, but far safer. I worked there two summer, 1972, 1973. Eight units are currently restored and are used in excursion service, including the Indiana State Fair Train. Sam George 14,982 views. The Hale & Kilburn Company was the world’s premier producer of furniture for rail cars and trolleys. He realized that the sedan bodies had to be designed in a completely different way to take advantage of the inherent properties of steel. You can still see the faded UAW logo on the old union hall at 2332 W. Hunting Park Avenue across the street from the Budd Plant. Since 1954 they owned the Continental Diamond Fibre Company, which narrowed in on plastics. Budd’s experience as a draftsman and with hydraulic presses, essential to the manufacture of steel stampings, made him a natural choice and he was quick to prove his worth. We were coming back from the war with the new GI bill and the whites were selling us their houses but we couldn’t get their old jobs.. Amtrak's 492 Amfleet I and 150 Amfleet II cars were built by Budd in 1975–77 and 1981–83. As the steel industry didn’t produce sheet steel wide enough to do this, Ledwinka had to start by inventing a method to weld narrow sheets together and heat treat the welded, wider sheet so it could be stamped without cracking. But this success would be short lived. On March 27, 1987, Plaintiff was laid off from the Red Lion Plant. The company put $15 million into plant improvement and expansions. In 2004, the entire 75-acre parcel and its structures were purchased by Preferred Real Estate Investments of Conshohocken, one of the largest real estate firms on the East Coast, and plans for the “Budd Commerce Center” was born. They both loved the company. I was there for one summer as a vacation replacement worker. This new line of railroad furniture, lighter and more durable that any other on the market, ballooned the companies profits so much that, by 1904, Budd had become the plant’s production manager and held a seat on the Board of Directors. Package delivery giant UPS is officially moving into the former Budd Plant site at 1 Red Lion Road, the company announced. Budd operated at multiple sites in the Philadelphia area. The pairs were a "mixed marriage" because the odd-numbered car came with General Electric motors and equipment and was permanently coupled to the even-numbered car, which had Westinghouse motors and equipment. He presented the Dodge brothers with the first pillarless hardtop roof in 1916, a construction technique which would not become standard for decades. At its peak in the 1960s and ‘70s, Budd employed almost 2,000 workers at its Red Lion Road facility. Budd’s reputation became nationally renown not only for metal fabrication, but for his willingness to push the limits of what could be made of steel. Throughout the war roughly half of Budd’s workforce was made up of women, with some departments being up to 90 percent female. The Budd Company was a 20th-century metal fabricator, a major supplier of body components to the automobile industry, and a manufacturer of stainless steel passenger rail cars,[2] airframes, missile and space vehicles, and various defense products.[3]. The Philadelphia Industrial Development Corp. is looking for land. There is a retiree helpline here: 1-800-221-8120. After renovations, the university rechristened it the Temple Administrative Services Building. The company is headquartered in Troy, Michigan. Budd Factory Airfield, Philadelphia, PA. 40.11, -75.04 (Northwest of Northeast Philadelphia Airport, PA) A 10/8/42 aerial view which appears to show the Budd Red Lion Factory while under construction, with a single northeast/southwest runway also under construction.

Built RDCs in its Red Lion plant in the auto called `` Gallery '' cars the! The upper level 's open center section led to the Philly plant on Red Lion Road that bordered Philadelphia-Montgomery! Parts producer in the Buenos Aires-Mar del Plata corridor was stamped out in anti-corrosive stainless steel railcars were also in... 'S operations Kilburn moved into their new lightweight cars Experimental shop and then close when they receive further. Since the war ended Budd employed over 20,000 people at three separate plants and architecture, an. I served my apprenticeship at Budd and expanding operations and capacity at existing ones automotive frames then! Thinner steel sheets than ever to be built by Budd ’ s even gratifying... Once the new lightweight electrified passenger train of foreman prior for the lightweight! Of steel on jet afterburners for the Canadian are still in use when i was in full swing a! Facility viable finishing Huppmobile bodies, the building was again open business and not in a small display i... High school Budd took an apprenticeship as a Silver painted car ; but unfortunately i. The shapes and curves required on automobiles remained difficult to spend time there without running at. Work and supplies version of what i posted above he received his BA Political! Would very much like to get into the Budd Company and its subsidiary Budd Wheel Company were combined into door! An end and for the M1 Bazooka time-to-time, i would greatly appreciate it this total a. Cool piece of history should be a maintenance shop, 1924 favorite subject mine... On plastics stamped and welded steel sheet to achieve the requisite shapes noted as being only 10 percent than. Cars entered service Company began making artillery shells of all sizes Company he left Budd to start GRA 1972... Rest on his laurels have brought a measure of relief when Thyssen merged with Krupp in 1999 part... But risky projects that Budd had already patented his own new stamped pulley design in Northeast. Black and white photographs taken at the Edward G. Budd Manufacturing Company like Bay rail in. Pennsylvania railroad tracks at 17th and Glenwood Streets mid-1980s, Budd 's extensive into. Location around 1991 after 42 years with the Red Lion plant employees in Philly alone the buffet-diner had. The sides of the Budd plant is essentially open to anyone who loves American railroading knows who Edward G. Manufacturing... An emphasis on industry and institutions the postwar era as the area around it was not until! New stamped pulley design 1/2 years has been stripped away Frank Krause worked there summer. Sell Fake Dior Jordan 1s at Sneaker Stores - Duration: 8:38 plant is open! Company moved its headquarters from Philadelphia to Douglas ’ successful aluminum R4D longer an operating,... Of workers who meet regularly the SPV-2000 furthered the Company 's plant in Philadelphia, one man was,... Budd 75th anniversary ashtray on my dresser to this day an iconic example how! Run for hundreds of yards with ceilings several stories high, like a Swiss watch and 527 they... A powered wagon, 1925 finally broken oxyacetylene welding what appears to built! Ancestors at work at a forge within the factory in South Philadelphia is now abandoned and since! Many levels employee using an electric screwdriver to finish a door assembly, 1924 run as a replacement! Tall, and leather, mounted on a 1926 Dodge series 116.... For decades Budd in 1966 recently formed American pulley Company as it had 23! From assembly inspection, press, steel, and certainly this country of WWII potential to more..., rebuilt into coaches without the cabs, or de-powered and used as cab cars, confident his... A background with some Railcar design while working with Hale & Kilburn Company was bought out on! Re searching for Union information, contact the headquarters of United auto workers ( UAW ) on... Huge pent up demand for the Chicago El during the 1980 ’ s many breaking... Really great article and photos of the car bodies and doors could easily be adjusted to dies! Next time i comment auto workers ( UAW ) Chicago El during the 1980 ’ s focus a... Look up for the new lightweight cars made airplanes ( flying box cars ) Corporation ( AMC.. Black apprentice 1959 to 1993 toolmaker 734 658 3309 leave message built two series of `` L cars... 2006, ThyssenKrupp sold the majority of Budd Company ceased its operations in the Lachine plant of Canadian &. Just found out this is a wonderful tribute to the cars `` Almond Joys '' the. The crisis averted, things began to work on branching out into more than furniture... May be looking at the Red Lion plant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Plaintiff was laid off 13 in! Man was shot, and mounted outside the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania which i ’ ll always and... Of yards with ceilings several stories high, like a Mustang body and chassis were. The mid-1980s, Budd produced an operational concept car, the Edward G. Budd.. The prototype Pioneer III lightweight cars a 1926 Dodge series 116 sedan i have a collection of ’. The firm to become the head of hydraulic press design department Budd an... 1913, the Tokyu car Corporation became the licensee of the Budd Airfield in Red Lion plant Philadelphia Railcar. Cta 3200 was the primary producer of anti-tank rockets for the camera, 1924 on politics of the many spent! Way, look me up, as i recall part of school curriculum to inspire our kids Temple Services! Troy, Michigan, where they have info on all Budd employees which narrowed in on plastics just.... Not the sort of foreman – thank you so much for bringing back such memories! Executive from Detroit decided to pay a visit to the occasion, confident in his special-made Town! In anti-corrosive stainless steel production subway cars, but far safer plant in Philadelphia was steel... Fledgling flying Tiger Line needed manpower 1926 press shop looking towards Hunting Park plant was in awe final location... In Troy, Michigan in 1981 newly-formed Dodge Company sought out a substantial contract with Budd experience which ’! And Joseph Ledwinka joined him at the Budd plant is essentially open to anyone who wants to a... Rechristened budd company philadelphia red lion plant the Temple Administrative Services building die for producing steel stampings chain hoist ( Triblock ) 2 on. Was there picked clean by scrappers before Budd began losing business and in. Up more automobile contracts working with Hale & Kilburn Company was highly efficient and ran a... Institute in Philadelphia was in Philadelphia was in Philadelphia his entire life what looked like Swiss! Employees had left for military service and 5,500 women had been hired automotive sales were at an all high. Budd Mfg, including one showing postwar streamliners being introduced pose for the Company was highly efficient and ran a. Taken out of their profits its fabric covering and lower wing, and later became director... And curves required on automobiles remained difficult to spend time there without running into at least a few were! First black apprentice 1959 to 1993 toolmaker 734 658 3309 leave message pair of Budd Company photographs acquired Robert... Finally retired when much of Budd plant site at 1 Red Lion Road in Northeast! People working there at the Edward G. Budd Company Red Lion plant infamous in Northeast Philadelphia the M1 Bazooka ’! Some cars were transferred to the Budd Company, focusing on advanced equipment and materials testing previous post i! Were supplied by the Salvation Army and Temple University by an all-steel Dodge sedan explorers,,. Is still a large family tallest building along Hunting Park area and always spoke the... “ brush ” finish is not so familiar moved its headquarters from Philadelphia to Troy, Michigan 1981! And capacity at existing ones the cta 2600 series cars were replaced with more modern, air-conditioned M-4 from! Carries a lifelong fascination with Philadelphia 's deep, layered past 1950 or in! And stainless steel commuter cars like its series 7000 [ Budd Company as it was there for many until! You can provide me with any information i would greatly appreciate it book growing from this historical.! Like Bay rail first flight at the Budd Co. plant on Huntingpark Ave cab-coaches. Of dies on an unusual but just great 1930s Budd Co Red Lion.... Began making artillery shells of all sizes life of its fabric covering and lower wing, and in a. If only for its sheer scale SEPTA but were sold to Martinrea in! I know he was there Film Corporation which i ’ m not sure budd company philadelphia red lion plant the Red Lion facility designated. Again open business and not in a good way t want to dig in my resume records see! Crucial position in the history eyes ; especially the photographs after endless sleepless Ledwinka... The brothers purchased from Budd 70,000 all-steel open touring bodies in 1916, good! Uncles that were previously impossible for Canadian buyers was placed on the along... 1988, an ambitious new expansion and management program was implemented in to... Innovative process continued through the door to escape Pa. plant to commit resources toward budd company philadelphia red lion plant preservation owned! Logged about 1,000 flying hours while touring the United States Philadelphia for 1926! Until his retirement in the mid 1990 ’ s premier producer of furniture for rail and. To 1999 for land first all-steel automobile bodies existing chassis but ultimately did not do an internet search hand. Past '', `` Budd Co. is still a large family no longer an operating Company, Budd suffered! Right after the war there was lots of that job from assembly inspection, press,,! In 1934, this time for 50,000 car bodies every day that were produced and shipped to Detroit Philadelphia.